Video Blog

Some prefer to watch, others prefer to read.
A video blog tells a common story in both video and text, giving your audience a choice

Example Use Cases

Partner Conversation

Learn and share your partner’s perspective around your joint value proposition

Thought Leadership

Share your thought leadership insights to your customer, seller, partner and internal audiences

One hand to shake vendor simplicity

Build Script

Interview subject matter expert(s) and write script in either prose or bullet format

Record Video

Over video conference,
direct recording like
in-person video shoot

Edit Video

Edit video, creating and adding slides if helpful in supporting the storytelling

Write Blog

Write blog, leveraging content derived from the script interview(s) and final video

Affordable Business Model

Fixed Pricing: $2,500

Fee is 50-80% less than other vendor video-only pricing

Typical 3-4 week turnaround after SME interview(s)

Flexible Storytelling

  • Tell longer story as a series of video blog episodes
  • Publish videos in multiple locations, such as on your website, YouTube and PrecisionStory
  • Leverage content derived from Partner Conversation interviews to inform messaging and as proof points for subsequent blogs
  • (Optional) Social media video clips recorded during filming to assist in promotional activities