Lionshare Negotiating by Joe Hernandez

You will learn how to grow your revenues, increase your profits, and expand your relationships with your clients and business partners. This is achieved by teaching you one thing: How to become a great negotiator.

It's important to remember that in order to get the things we want and need to be successful; we must negotiate for them. However, most people do not put enough time and energy into mastering this invaluable skill, then wonder why they haven't achieved their goals.

You will receive the most current, cutting edge negotiation tools and processes. You’ll learn not only what you need to do, but how to do it. Your time is valuable, so it will not be wasted on ideas and theories that are untested or unproven. This book will show you what works.

Joe Hernandez has taken the time to study and test concepts taught at the major business schools. He has sifted through the myriad of tools that are predicted to provide better outcomes, and has studied and worked with master negotiators.

With this book, Joe has put together the important elements of negotiating that will give you stunning outcomes if practiced and used. Armed with this information, you will become a better, more confident, and more effective negotiator. With this knowledge, you will have the opportunity to architect deals that will exceed your expectations and the expectations of those around you. It could impact your career, your earnings, and even your life.

Chapter TitleDescription
1. IntroductionAn introduction that divulges the overwhelming reasons to become a great negotiator.
2. Four Negotiating MythsLearn about the four devastating myths about negotiating that hinder most negotiators and cause them to end up with results that leave money and value on the table. Understanding these myths is the first step to becoming a great negotiator.
3. The Anchor EffectNegotiation psychology is a fundamental tool for expert negotiators. The Anchor Effect is one of the most powerful psychological tools available to great negotiators and has proven time and time again to provide more control in a negotiation, and most important, better outcomes.
4. Obstacle AnalysisAlmost every negotiation runs the risk of falling apart…where something unexpected comes up that slows or even halts the entire negotiation process. Learn how to how to handle these obstacles and even avoid them altogether. This chapter introduces very powerful tools that great negotiators use to overcome impasses and keep their negotiations on track.
5. Creating the OfferStudies show that the side that has created the offer sets the stage for how the negotiation will proceed. It determines what issues are on the table and which are not. In order to gain power and control in a negotiation, you must know how to properly create your offer. This chapter introduces a step-by-step process for creating offers that will set you up for a successful outcome.
6. Creating BoundariesLearn about the three boundaries that all expert negotiators identify before going into any high stakes negotiation. Understanding how to set these boundaries will ensure that your negotiation stays on track with great results on a consistent basis.
7. Managing ConcessionsMaking concessions is an important element of the negotiation process. However, if you get it wrong you could give away too much money or value and end up with devastating results. Experts know that this is the place where deals either become great or die. This chapter gives you the key components of a powerful concession strategy.
8. When to NegotiateIf you jump into the negotiation process prematurely, you run the risk of derailing the entire negotiation process. Learn how to determine when the stage is set for strong negotiations to proceed.
9. Opening the NegotiationLearn the steps that expert negotiators take when starting a negotiation. Understand how to use powerful elements of negotiation psychology to help you set the stage for a great negotiation experience.
10. Wait! You're Not DoneGreat negotiators understand that once the terms of a deal are determined, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the negotiating is done. Learn why this is the case, the negative impact it can have on your deal, and why so many negotiators miss it. This chapter tells you what you need to do to avoid falling into this trap.
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Joe Hernandez is an international authority on high value negotiation skills and techniques. He serves as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Denver where he teaches advanced negotiating skills to MBA students and executives, and is a Vistage Speaker and Expert Resource. He resides in the United States and consults throughout the world.

As a professional negotiator and coach, Joe has developed a unique methodology of negotiating that utilizes current tools and methods. He shatters common beliefs about how to negotiate…unlocking exceptional results for his clients. Psychology and influence create a foundation for his approach, but more important are the tools he utilizes to ensure a successful outcome…every time.

Joe has negotiated contracts worth billions of dollars with Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and Motorola as well as numerous small and medium sized businesses. He is an expert at high stakes business deals where maintaining relationships are critical, and where the outcome results in a material financial impact to the parties. He is a guest instructor at DU’s Daniels College of Business and works with CEOs, senior executives, and sales teams around the world on their most important deals.