Board / Executive Staff Education in Cloud and IOT

By Dr. Timothy Chou

As a board member himself, Dr. Timothy Chou has felt it important that other board and executive staff have a fundamental knowledge of cloud computing and the Internet of Things to help guide their decision-making. As a result, he has developed this executive-to-executive education on cloud computing and IOT.


Current board member for Blackbaud and Teradata, and former President of Oracle Corporation, technology leader Timothy Chou educates fellow board members and executive staff on the fundamentals of Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things.

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Assist in Executive Decision-Making

There is little question that the technologies of cloud computing and the Internet of Things permeate all businesses. Board members and executive staff need a fundamental understanding of these technologies to assist in their effective decision-making.

Easy to Understand and Apply

Dr Chou applies his 25+ years of experience teaching at Stanford University to educate executives on these modern technologies using frameworks and language that are not only easy to understand, but also intuitive to apply. In addition, content is segmented into 10 to 18 minute lectures to make it easier to incrementally learn.

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Meet the Foundational Content

Cloud Computing Fundamentals and Precision IOT Principles and Practices will be used as the foundational content used in Dr. Chou’s executive education.

Cloud Computing:

Precision IOT:
Principles and Practices

Read the Acclaim

Business leaders across multiple industries have raved about the quality of Dr. Timothy Chou’s content and presentation style.

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