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Content Development for Partner + Cisco Collateral

Create an At-a-Glance

Description: Provide a quick overview of a Partner + Cisco solution or architecture. Includes benefits a customer can expect and the urgent business need that requires our solution. Sellers can share this with customers, or review it with them in sales calls, meetings, and events. It is not designed to go into details, but can be paired with a longer Solution Overview.


  • Step 1: Use the AAG Builder to create your proposed AAG
  • Step 2: Review and submit your proposed AAG content
  • Step 3: We will take your content and return a proposed draft AAG back to you via email
  • Step 4: Once we have your approval for this copy, we will run it through copy edit and then layout

Create a Sales Accelerator

Provide a quick guide of essential information about a Cisco + Partner solution, product series, or architecture to Cisco and channel sales personnel.

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Additional Assets

Require Cisco approval to complete

Create a Customer Case Study

Demonstrates proven results that customers have realized when using the Cisco + Partner solution. Describes a customer’s implementation and the consequent business value tied to it. Case studies are often more effective in influencing Cisco sales than a singular product focus. This is the Lite version of the Cisco templates.

Create an Umbrella Blog

Provide an overall review of the Cisco + Partner joint relationship. This piece describes the overall market challenge(s) the joint relationship addresses and summarizes the areas where the two companies work together.

Create a General Blog

Tells any story relevant to the Cisco + Partner relationship.  For instance, this blog could provide a deeper dive into a solution or use case discussed in the umbrella blog, or tell any other story relevant to the relationship such as introducing a recently launched joint solution.