General Blog Story Template


Tells any story relevant to the Cisco + Partner relationship.  For instance, this blog could provide a deeper dive into a solution or use case discussed in the umbrella blog, or tell any other story relevant to the relationship such as introducing a recently launched joint solution.


External; any mutual Partner and Cisco customer or prospect


  • You can partially fill out the form and save multiple times before submitting for Cisco review.
  • To save your intermediate work, you must click the save button located on the last page of this template (page 11)..
  • Fill out all fields before submitting for review. The submission button is found at the buttom of each page.
  • Once submitted, we will reply within 1-2 business days with comments.


  • Simple, direct, and conversational language. Wherever appropriate, talk directly to the reader, using “you” and “your” as much as possible rather than “the customer” in the third person (as appropriate to context).