I have a passion for storytelling. I also enjoy telling stories around how technology enables companies to deliver exceptional experiences while also meeting to exceeding their outcome requirements. A few other things to know about me, include:

  • I have experience in several architectures, including Full Stack Observability, hybrid work,  hybrid cloud, IOT, cloud computing, mobility, networking, data center, collaboration, AI/ML and security.
  • I create content for executive, technical and consumer audiences, along with offer consulting services with a focus on developing sell-with partner messaging
  • I work with a broad range of clients, including industry titans (such as Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM), VARs, ISVs, IHVs, managed service providers and emerging startups.


The ETM Framework

Today, most enterprise IT teams utilize a broad range of technology to enable the business. Each solution chosen solves an important technology management problem. However, because there are many types of technologies and different phases of technology management, IT teams use a combination of management tools: one for software, one...

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CIOs Need their Own Application​

 I’ve been in the technology business for 30+ years, working in engineering, sales and marketing.  Over the years, I’ve seen massive growth in the use of enterprise technology from the back office all the way to watching COVID accelerate the transition to a hybrid workforce. Technology is a critical resource...

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