About Me

A Passion for Storytellng

Vince Vasquez

I like to think of myself as a storyteller, with a passion for helping innovative companies tell their stories:

  • Experience in several architectures, including Full Stack Observability, Hybrid Work,  IOT, cloud computing, mobility, networking, data center, collaboration, AI/ML and security.
  • Create content for executive, technical and consumer audiences.
  • Work with a broad range of clients, including industry titans (such as Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM), VARs, ISVs, IHVs, managed service providers and emerging startups.




Technical and Business Educational Foundation

BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MS Computer Engineering


30 Years Experience Working with Innovative Technologies

Experience Working
in a Broad Range of Positions

8+ Years Telling Cisco
and Cisco Partner Stories

Book Author

The Next CIO proposes a new category of enterprise application called Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) to automate common IT processes as pre-packaged applications

Relationship Workout provides a 5-step exercise program to strengthen and transform intimate relationships

Precision Construction introduces the digital transformation for construction, teaching IoT fundamentals with a construction industry focus


Storytelling Workshops

The Digital Contractor Keynote

What my clients Say about Me

Telling a story which captures the audience and delivers a core message is not easy to do. Partnering with Vince has made it easy. Vince Vasquez takes multiple inputs of information and stitches together cohesive and easy to understand narrative.”
Lars Thorsen, WW Strategic Partner Sales Executive – Amazon Web Services at Cisco
“Vince and Anne ran a wonderful program, completely seamless. Vince and Anne removed all friction from the process and made this easy for us.
We now have some assets we can leverage in outreach  that are top-notch and we are very happy with the outcome! Highly recommend.”
Keith Heggaton, Alliances Manager, Instant Connect (Cisco Partner)