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A Passion for Storytelling.
A passion for Relationship Care.


Enterprise Technology Management

  • Author of The Next CIO
  • Keynote speaker

Relationship Care Platform

  • Host of Relationship Workout for Men Podcast
  • Co-Founder and Creator of RelationshipWorkout.com


Fractional CMO

  • Marketing and Business Strategy
  • Demand Gen

IT Consultant

  • Automate IT processes with applications
  • Improve accuracy of technology asset data

Technical Breadth

  • Experience in several architectures, including Asset Management, Workflow Automation Full Stack Observability, Hybrid Work,  IOT, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Networking, Datacenter, Collaboration and Security.
  • Experience working with a broad range of clients, including industry titans (such as Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM), VARs, ISVs, IHVs, managed service providers and emerging startups.




Technical and Business Educational Foundation


MS Computer Engineering


John Wondolowski

“During my career in Enterprise Information Technology Management one of the things I have learned is that professional and personal success is based largely on an intellectual curiosity and a burning desire to learn.  In 2013 I started coordinating no-cost CIO, CISO, and IT Executive Roundtables because I found that most IT Leaders enjoy learning from other IT Leaders. 

We now have a few hundred members of our Roundtables who can best be described as ‘learn it all’ professionals rather than ‘know it all’ professionals.  

I asked Vince to discuss his “The Next CIO” concepts with our Roundtables.  The feedback from our Roundtable members was remarkably positive and appreciative.  His ideas and concepts resonate with every IT Leader and at the same time stretch their thinking from current-state friction points to an aspirational future-state.  That is the basic definition of learning in my mind.

His depth and breadth of experience has clearly built an impressive knowledge base – and his wit and ability to engage creates an easy to enter portal into that knowledge base.

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