Vince Vasquez

Business & IT Consultant.
Author & Storyteller.
Category Creator.

A storyteller at heart, Vince is passionate about helping clients tell and share their stories, foundational to his operating as a fractional CMO — meeting demand and lead gen objectives.

He is also passionate about sharing insights and developing a new category of application
to help both men and women choose and be better partners in their intimate relationships.

Category Creation

Enterprise Technology Management (ETM)

Automate IT Processes in days to weeks without building custom solutions on technology data you can trust.

Relationship Care Platform (RCP)

An all-in-one platform for individuals and couples to assess and improve the quality of their relationships.


From Blogs to Books.
From Messaging to Outcomes.

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ETM Insights to Autonomous IT

Stay updated on ETM trends
shaping IT automation and asset management

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Relationship Workout for Men

Insights to help men intentionally
choose and be better partners

Relationship Workout for Men Podcast

A podcast dedicated to helping men be intentional in choosing a better partner and being a better partner to the person they choose.





More Fun, Less Drama

An AI-powered, self-care service to determine and improve the quality of your intimate relationship.

Business Consulting

Strategy, Fractional CMO

IT Consulting

Automate IT Processes with Trusted Data

Working with a multitude of innovative clients


“Telling a story which captures the audience and delivers a core message is not easy to do. Partnering with Vince has made it easy. Vince Vasquez takes multiple inputs of information and stitches together cohesive and easy to understand narrative.”

– Lars Thorsen, WW Strategic Partner Sales Executive – Amazon Web Services at Cisco


“Vince and Anne ran a wonderful program, completely seamless. Vince and Anne removed all friction from the process and made this easy for us.

We now have some assets we can leverage in outreach that are top-notch and we are very happy with the outcome! Highly recommend.”

– Keith Heggaton, Alliances Manager, Instant Connect (Cisco Partner)


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Mark Grimse
Vice President of IT
Robert Half

“Vince Vasquez’s presentation on Enterprise Technology Management was nothing short of inspiring. His extensive knowledge and unwavering passion for the subject left a profound impact on everyone in the room (and virtually). His groundbreaking work in creating the technology area of ETM and authoring the book on the subject is a testament to his commitment to transforming the way organizations manage technology. Vince is a true visionary and an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of technology management in the enterprise.”

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