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Industry Titans

“Telling a story which captures the audience and delivers a core message is not easy to do. Partnering with Vince has made it easy. Vince Vasquez takes multiple inputs of information and stitches together cohesive and easy to understand narrative.”
Lars Thorsen, WW Strategic Partner Sales Executive – Amazon Web Services at Cisco


“Vince and Anne ran a wonderful program, completely seamless. Vince and Anne removed all friction from the process and made this easy for us.
We now have some assets we can leverage in outreach  that are top-notch and we are very happy with the outcome! Highly recommend.”
Keith Heggaton, Alliances Manager, Instant Connect (Cisco Partner)



A Full Range of Storytelling Services

Blogs and Video Blogs

You’re a busy person with a great story to tell that you want to share.

Whether you’re a brilliant executive, technical wizard, marketing guru or a combination of all of the above, let us interview you and we’ll write your story for you.

We can create your story in text, video or both.

Industry Articles

If you’d like your product and company showcased and published in an industry focused, thought leadership article, you’ve come to the right place.

Thought leadership videos

Our customers are more and more learning by watching videos. Why not have your story told through a low cost and agile recorded interview over a web conference?

Enterprise TV Shows

Our busy customers have limited time. Meanwhile, we have fairly involved stories to tell. Given people watch more and read less, consider breaking your overall story into a series of episodes, like creating a TV show for your  product.

Customer Stories

One interview can lead to your customer story told through a number of possible formats, such as:

Sales Enablement

When you’re enabling your sellers, we’re here to help create your essential collateral, such as:

White Papers & eBooks

If you’d like to tell your story in a white paper or ebook format, we’re here to help.

Physical Books

We can take your storytelling the next step and publish your story as a book published worldwide on Amazon and other book sellers.

Messaging and Consulting

We are also available to create Messaging Frameworks and customer persona profiles, along with consulting on how to best tell your story.

Vince Vasquez
Storyteller and Consultant

Experienced and Technical

Education: BSEECS UC Berkeley; MS Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; MBA Stanford University

Experience: Over 30 years  in various high tech positions, such as hardware engineer, software developer, sales specialist, sales, marketing and general management

Technical Storytelling: Experience in a number of areas such as Cloud Computing, IOT, Networking, Security and Collaboration


Cisco Specializations

Cisco Storyteller: Over 7 years experiences storytelling for a number of Cisco products and initiatives

Cisco Partner Specialization: Specialization telling Cisco + Cisco Partner stories

Predictable, Fixed Pricing

We offer content development on a predictable, fixed pricing as-a-service business model to make it easier for you to budget.

Storytelling Builder Tool

To further reduce costs, we offer a storytelling builder tool that helps you build your stories through our standardized templates, reducing costs by bypassing the interview process.


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