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Story Creation

Consolidate stories and insights into educational collateral for internal and external distribution

Story creation services fall into the following categories:

  • Marketing Collateral, including win summaries, market traction decks, recommended messaging per the results from story analysis and external-facing collateral.
  • Cloudbooks, which encompasses creating videos for each chapter, readying text for publishing, creating slide images and exam questions, plus the import of content for the actual building of the Cloudbook.
  • eBooks, which typically involves translating a published book into the eBook format.
  • Printed Books, which involves providing authors a full service to ready their manuscript for self-publishing

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Service Description
Internal and External Win Slides Summarizes the win story into a single slide, and includes the full textual version of the story as speaker notes.
Messaging-as-a-Service Consolidates story analysis results into an internal messaging deck. Provides overall recommends overall messaging, along with by stakeholder and vertical.
Market Traction Deck WIn stories can also be summarized into a Market Traction deck to guide management and sales on where the wins are by industry, partner and offer. \
External-Facing Collateral Leverages win stories to create external-facing case studies, 1-2 page At-a-Glances and 3-4 page solution overviews.
Video Scripts By understanding the stories from the field, we can also create scripts to guide the creation of marketing videos.
Service Description
Cloudbook Creation from Manuscript Starting with a manuscript, we can create the accompanying videos, slides and exam questions to package and publish a full Cloudbook version of the overall story.
Cloudbook Creation from Win Stories Much like creating a Cloudbook from Manuscript, we can start with the collection of win stories and create the videos, slides and exam questions used to convert the loose collection of win stories into a published Cloudbook.
Cloudbook Creation from Presentations If an author has a collection of presentations that tell an overall story, we can also turn this into a full Cloudbook by creating the videos, text, slides and exam questions.
Service Description
Create a single story eBook A single story can be packaged as an eBook for download in iTunes bookstore and Amazon Kindle.
Create a full book eBook All chapters of a book can be published as a full eBook for sale on iTunes bookstore and Amazon Kindle.
Creation Service Description
Self-Publish Printed Book We take an author's manuscript and make it ready for publication (including copy edit and graphic design). We then can self-publish the book on behalf of the author.

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